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This one post is for those people who are from Delhi and looking for online jobs, or part-time jobs or work from home jobs then here I have explained part time online jobs in Delhi without investment for fresher, college students, housewife and also suitable for moms and teens who are interested in earning money online in their spare time.

Part Time Online Jobs In Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Chennai, Pune Also If you are from USA, UK, Canada or from the Philippines and looking for make money online this article is providing 100% trusted and helpful Guide and Online Jobs & Data Entry Jobs From Home.

This article is for Indians who are looking for online jobs without investment in India, and you can also find most trusted and genuine online jobs in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Pune, Kolkata, Bangalore and all over India Without Investment.

100% legit and scam free are tested online part time jobs in India without investment or any registration fees.

Part Time Online Jobs,Data Entry Online Work From Home Without Investment

Are you from India and looking for any online part time jobs then here in this post You can find trusted and genuine part time online jobs from home without investment great tutorials and ideas also given step by step to earn money online.

In India, you can make some good cash like 15000 to 50000 per month easily if you can follow this strategy and guide given below read the full post if you want to earn money online via doing part time work in your spare time.

One word Money is never enough! If you are doing the job or searching for jobs, but here this guide you are going to read is giving extraordinary tips and tricks to earn money online from home without investment or paying any fees for start online jobs from home.

The guide given here is completely tested and successful, and after long experience of  few years we are going to publish here the way and strategy, how anyone who is looking for genuine earning source and make money  via online or offline by doing computer task then this article definitely help to make money online without investment from home.

Part Time Online Jobs,Data Entry Online Work From Home Without Investment

We are always providing genuine and most accurate online jobs and also aware people for not waste online money scam online jobs and also offering online jobs and offline jobs and giving guidance for how you can make money via the freelancing site.

Also, make money online via affiliate and doing some online task like survey PTC (paid to click) work all this strategy you can read below step by step remember we are not taking any registration fees for any online jobs.

Offline jobs we are just pointing you to some genuine online work offering a site where you can easily earn money online by doing some task like survey article writing, tutoring and much more and also offering some offline based data entry jobs.

But never ask anyone for any types of the amount to start work so don’t blame us! We are interested in helping people who are seriously doing online or offline work and always we will help our best people to give them good information and genuine online and offline jobs from home.

Some factor To know before start any online or offline Jobs

Never pay any amount to start any online or offline jobs

Mostly scammers company and fake online jobs asking you to pay some advance as registration fees believe this type of work completely scam and fraud you will lose your money you can read here how online data entry scam works

Read and understand all hidden rules and terms and condition of any company or individual who is offering online work.

Ask always for some payment proof them how many times they paid for online jobs and check how many people get paid by a company in which you are thinking to join for online or offline jobs.

In India and also around the globe every online job is offering fake promises and always asking people for some money and even they don’t have any physical address or any office address because just they want to fool people.

Check their ISO certificate and another certificate if possible, check their history because in India mostly website offers fake details regarding online jobs.

And misguide people only and waste people’s time and money so always takes time to understand what are online jobs and how it works and all these things here we are always explaining and also explained in this blog you can read another post of this blog

Always avoid data entry jobs or any types of offline data entry work or form filling work which is asking registration fees because, in most cases, these types of work are totally scam because they are asking registration fees.

And they always require accuracy from you, and they can do anything and reject your work for any reason, and reason may be artificial, and you will lose you money and hard work also so always prefer offline jobs or form filling ad posting work which is available without any registration fees.

Always find reviews and complaints about company or website by Google search you will see many positive and negative reviews of any websites or company which is offering online or offline work.

And you can see these types of reviews and complaint at this sites consumer complaints complaint board grahakseva this site will help you to read reviews from users, and also you can find complaint regarding any websites.

Or company and all this thread posted on these sites are posted by users who got cheated from fake people and company.

Don’t fall in get quick rich scheme keep patience you must have the patience to understand how online jobs and data entry jobs, work earning money online is not easy at all as you are thinking! Lots of dedication and new things you have to learn so don’t take is easy!

Here We are going to reveal top 10 ways to earn money online and in the offline without investment If you are from India and seriously looking to earn money online or offline read guide given below.

online data entry part time jobs without investment from home

1->Online Typing Work from Home Captcha Entry Jobs

Do you have fast typing speed and able to read images fast and can do typing fast then this work is for may be suitable for you to make some extra cash by doing online captcha solving work just you have to type words by showing in images and type into box you will get paid for each captcha types by you.

But this is for those who have fast typing speed with good internet connection and also hard work needed this work many be not suitable if you are not hard worker though many peoples from India and worldwide others countries are already doing this online typing work, and you will get paid daily for this online jobs.

Payment method is Paypal, and also they offer bank wire transfer you can get more details for this online typing job from home here.

2->Online Survey Jobs from Home For Money

This one is one of easiest task on the internet to make money online by giving our opinion survey basically we have to complete online there is many mnc, and product companies want to take feedback and peoples opinion about their product and services for this purpose many mnc want to survey their product via the online survey site.

And the people who will give the opinion for those products or service will get rewarded this is called online survey jobs.

There are lots of survey sites available over the world some sites are limits for country registration restriction and some survey sites allow the user to SignUp globally, however, you can earn money easily just you need following criteria.

Basic English Knowledge

Give Genuine Opinion for Survey

E-mail and PayPal Account

PC With Good Internet Connection

If you have this eligibility, then you can apply for this top online paid survey site list 2015 updated.

3->Online Article Writing Work-Content Writer Jobs

Do you have good English knowledge and if you can write content on any subject or niche, then here is great offer for you with this you can easily earn money online with your English skills because content writer and article writer is always needed for internet and blogging, and we are also offering cash for writer who can write article or content on any niche.

And you can also apply for some actual freelance article writing and rewarding site which is also offering you money for write article.

Just you need basic English with error free, and no grammatical mistake will be accepted, you will pay less if you have poor English, though if you can write articles on any niche than you can apply for this site’s payment details and many more faq you may want to know you can check on this site all details given on this site.






This is the site where you can apply to content writer work, and also you can apply directly we are also offering article writing work with the weekly payment you can ask here also join article writing jobs.

4->Make Money via PTC (paid-to-click) Site

Making money via PTC site is not required much technical knowledge just you have to sign up in PTC website and click on ads for a few moments after it you will be credited some cash in your account.

There are many PTC sites available and also some scam sites also exist, but we have collected some most trusted and genuine PTC sites list just you need one email and PayPal accounts for registration and get payment to get more details you can check the links given.

5->Make Money via Posting Ads Online in Classified sites

You may probably know about Alex quirk and some popular classified sites like Gumtree craigslist people use this site for buy-sell user, product and also promote their business and many more purpose due to increasing ratio of internet user day by day people started living online people nowadays buy new product online, and also they sell product online, and they promote services offering services.

Online via classified sites this many company and people is offering ad posting work in classified sites to promote their business and service online by posting ads.

If you can do ad posting work on various classified sites, then this one task is for you just you have to do copy paste (title-description given in ad posting work) on various classified sites, and you will get paid for each ad posted successfully on classified sites.

And you can easily make some good amount via this work you can make some 10000 to 15000 per month easily if you can do few hours work daily and this ad posting work is available without investment.

We are not taking any registration fees or any unknown amount just we want work surety to know more details regarding this work check online ad posting jobs from home without registration fees.

6->Make Money via Affiliate Marketing

Making money on the internet via affiliate marketing is not hard and also not much easy according to my experience because you have to invest some money in affiliate marketing also, and you need some skill to sell affiliate product and service though there are many peoples who are making very handsome cash like 5000$ to 10000$ per month.

With affiliate marketing it is possible, but it requires some experience and knowledge also some investment to promote affiliate product you can earn money via affiliate marketing site like Clickbank Commission Junction, eBay, clixGalore,, MaxBounty, ShareASale, LinkShare and much more.

If you want to know more about affiliate marketing you can check here Earn Money Online via Affiliate Marketing.

6->Make Money Online As a Freelancer By Doing Micro-Job

There is lots of online freelancer and crowdsourcing site which offers many tasks which require human work and not possible by any software or automated tools and hey hire freelancer via the freelancing site, and they offer cash to finish the task.

There are lots of tasks you can do as a freelancer in the short time and as per your eligibility and skills some sites offering survey work, sigh up on various site, creating email creating the account on some site finish some task online.

captcha work and language translation get paid offers posting ads on classified sites and many more works including SEO task, web designing logo designing and many more task available on freelancer site.

And you do not want work full time you can do this work any there are many genuine and trusted freelancing and micro job offering site here we have collected some trusted and reputable site list.

Where you can easily earn money online just by sign up –choose the task, and you will get paid for complete it. Check below some genuine and legit freelancing site

You can also check here some more genuine freelancing site list, which will help you to make money online by doing tasks online in your spare time.

Also, try this online work for students

7->Earn Money through YouTube Videos

You can earn money online by YouTube if you can upload a quality video on YouTube and you can monetize your channel with Google Adsense and YouTube partner program, there is lots of people who are already earning huge amount by uploading video on YouTube for this you need some quality video.

Which is not published or uploaded on YouTube or another site, you can create your own channel and record many tutorials regarding mobile, software some tech stuff and help people with your video you can also upload mobile reviews and many are doing this and earning money already.

Another method is you can create prank video, some social experiment video captured by you and some unique and informational video like share your knowledge by creating videos of tutorials and upload it and YouTube help people and understand the peoples’ interest and much more.

8->Make Money Online By Language Translator

You can earn money online by translating the language, and We have found sites which are providing translate language service and we can make some money with it you can find more details at translators base complete information given there.

9->Make Money Online By Become Tutor Online

If you are good in teaching, and you have an education degree, then you can become tutors online and make money online by teaching students there are many sites which are offered online tutoring services, and many tutors are already working on this site, and students can learn online you can check more details here.

Earn Money By Transcribing Medical Records:

Medical Transcriptionist is the work which involves transforming of medical audio files by skilled professionals into written scripts. For this work, you need to be aware of some basic medical terminology, physiology, anatomy.

There is some various option which you can opt are dictation editor, transcription editor, and the one who edits the reports which are generated by speech perceiving software.

How much knowledge do you have of it? Well, the knowledge is the must for this work. If you have the certificate then you don’t need to bother, but if you are totally unaware of this job; you need to get training from the well-reputed training center.

The training is of five to nine months where you can improve your skills and train it in a path of medical transcription work. The training period is of five to nine months in which transcription programs and terminology are taught.

The most important factors required for this work is high writing speed, supreme leveled hearing ability, and best communication capacity.

This is what the prime necessities because the data is going to be recorded in patient’s file and. So basically the life of a patient is in the hand of transcriptionist.

Talking about the income from this work; initially, you can earn $14-20 per hour. When you get a good writing ability and high speed, you can earn easily about $20-35.

Where to find the job? You can have multiple options; Medical transcriptionist is required in the hospitals, companies that are business supported an office of the doctor.

Above some sites listed where tutors can get tutoring work and make some cash online.

Here on this post, we have described top 7 ways to earn money online by work part time from home without investment anyone can do this, but few basic skills and English and the internet required for this also some patience your skills can make you earning guys.

If you like the article, then try to share on Facebook, Twitter, social media and help others who are looking to make money online by doing part time jobs from home without investment.

Paying $$$$ Offline Data Entry Jobs Work From Home without Any Investment

I am pleased by knowing that you are interested in offline data entry and I know you are in search of legit offline work through which you can make easy money in your spare time.


As if you are surfing the internet, there is some legit reason behind searching online jobs or offline jobs such as data entry, form filling jobs or ads posting work; and hence you have landed on the right web page.

Offline Data Entry Jobs Work from Home without Any Investment

I won’t give you any fake promises, as other websites are continuing by asking advance registration fees or any payments.

It is correctly said that from offline data entry work you may gain less income as compared to online jobs or freelancing work.

According to my experience, in recent years I have not met anybody who has gathered a large amount of money from offline data entry jobs in the specific duration of time.

But I have observed many seekers who have wasted their time in such fake data entry jobs that are advertised in the daily newspaper and many of the fake online sites with classified web too.

As per the thumb rule, there are no shortcuts or quick rich scheme for earning money that is online or offline. So if you are the job seekers now and then, then you are in wrong belief to gain money with any shortcuts. You need to work hard and some sort of skills and talents required for gaining more money

First of all, make a clear idea in mind; what is offline data entry work and why people are ready to pay you for data entry work? Inquire from all the previously working customers about their experience and even ask the chief person to send the payment proof on your id. Thereafter proceed with any data entry work.

Offline Data Entry Jobs From Home without any investment Apply for legit Offline Data Entry Work from home, Free And Genuine Offline Data Entry Work From Home Without Registration fees

If you are genuinely interested in making money by offline data entry jobs from home without investment or searching for trusted and legitimate offline data entry jobs which are 100% legit and with payment surety, then here in this column you will find and can apply for offline data entry work and offline data entry jobs from home without registration fees along with payment proofs.

Google Offline Data Entry Work from Home without Investment

Just rest and read all words and article, check carefully, otherwise confusion all over and everywhere

Nowadays all are in search of online jobs or offline jobs that are based from home and also without investment. But it is tough to find genuine legitimate offline data entry work jobs from home.

I have assembled some genuine and trusted resources and sites where you can find the best internet online based and offline based data entry work from home without investment.

For searching genuine offline based data entry work, you have to calmly and carefully go through the linked content that will offer you a genuine source of income. legitimate data entry work from home jobs with no startup fee without investment, legitimate data entry work from home jobs without investment, legal data entry jobs from home without investment, international data entry jobs from home without investment, legitimate online data entry jobs from without investment Special Note: Here we are not asking for any Signup or registration fees for our users, so observe carefully and try to understand what the article is offering you and want to say.

Check also online jobs for college student from home

Accordingly search and Apply for the latest and best Offline Data Entry Work At Home without Investment jobs in Jobs in all over India. Here I have given sites where you can find part time online and offline data entry jobs without any investment and any registration fees.

Offline Data Entry Jobs Work from Home

There is no demand for any previous experiences of offline data entry jobs. If you are unaware of all the work, you will be provided training by an experienced and knowledgeable trainer. Especially there is no need of any investment for offline data entry work.

No Joining Fees we are asking to do offline data entry jobs part time offline data entry jobs, home based offline data entry jobs, We will be providing you simple offline data entry jobs and registration forms will be also provided for sign up procedure.

We have direct contact with some individual companies and data entry outsourcing companies. I have some peoples who work very well in this field, so if you want to work with computer and the internet based online and offline home based data entry jobs without investment.

Then just send us the email at following contact details provided.

Contact Details: – you can comment your email below I will try my best to provide you with the best home based data entry work. Keep in mind; I am not asking you for any investment best of luck

Sign Up For Offline Data Entry Jobs

Thank you for taking interest in this post. I hope I have fulfilled the queries you had in your mind. Still, you can find some most genuine and rated online jobs without any start up fees and investment to start online jobs you can see below.
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