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Introduction –

Instant Cash Machine is nothing but Internet’s best Free Income generating opportunity.  This Income opportunity is offered by Google Adsense. Today million’s of people are making a handsome income every month.  There are many webmasters (people who run their websites) who are earning more than $50,000 every month without any effort. Well this sounds Fishy, but its true.

Now How you’ll be benefited in all these?

As daily millions of websites are joining Google ad sense to rank themselves on Google search engines and like to place their Ads on top traffic ranking sites. Because the more traffic a website gets, more visitors and in turn more selling of their services, products & Business. Today if you search for a keyword like “hotels” you’ll get millions of results on Google, but Google can server at the most 10-100 websites on their 1st page, rest listings will be different pages. So if the people who applied for Google Ad words, and not listed on 1st page its just waste of his/her money. So to overcome this problem, and to server all Google Ad words customers Ads instantly, Google Started Google Ad sense.

Google Ad sense – helps in serving Google Ad words Ads on publisher’s sites. Here what Google doing is distributing all the Google Ad words Ads among different Google Ad sense Publishers.  A Google Ad sense Publisher is one who is running his/her website and service Google Ad words customers Ads on their site. All one has to do is register free at Google Ad sense, and start service Ad words Ads.

Google Ad sense is not everyone’s cup of tea. Of course, to get started in Google Ad sense is very easy all you need is a website. Open a free Google Ad sense account and the Ads will automatically start serving on your websites.

Why it’s not everyone’s cup of tea – Daily thousands of people enroll for Google Ad sense with a hope to make a massive life time income. Out of these 1000’s publisher’s only 5% publishers gets success in receiving a beautiful Green Color Google Cheque. Every publisher die to get Ad sense Cheque but only few succeed. It’s not because Google don’t pay them. Google pays to every valid and genuine publisher.

Why most of the publisher fails in getting Google Ad sense Cheques?

Most of the new publishers, who are new to Google Adsense knowingly or unknowingly, make some mistakes which are strictly not allowed from Google Adsense. To be a successful Adsense Publisher, one has to be very careful with their website, its content, text matter, way you are promoting your site, SEO of your site, Traffics to your site and many more. If any of these are missing in your site, or your site is not compatible Google Adsense Policy, than within few days of opening an account with Google Adsense, you will be totally banned from it and you no longer will be allowed to participate again in thanks for Google Adsense and Sign up Today for Google Adsense
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