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Before 2 Years ago I have written this article aimed was to help students make earning buddy and also this article updated many times to provide latest and fresh stuff which will help in online jobs for college students and high school students to earn money online from home.

My intention behind this post is to help college students, teens and people who are free at home and looking some resources or seeking for online jobs guide by which they can able to earn money online in their spare time.

I Tried many ways and also invested lots of money in online jobs and completely wasted it. Cause there was a time when I was nobs and newbies in the world of internet at that time. I was looking for online jobs which are available without investment.

At that times I was checking newspaper on a daily basis at that time and also today in the vast majority of the online job seeker, scammer got opportunities to steal hard earned money of innocent people with tricky way.

Legal Online Jobs For College Students From Home Without Investment

All the online jobs offer you see on either in a newspaper or any sites but when you ask them or contact them to start online of offline work they will ask you for joining fees [WTF] I can say crows are black everywhere.

But believe me, no one will give you money if you don’t have any skills or knowledge then believe me or not the world is not for you or will not give you any money.So first focus on learning later earning will be automatically.

If I say, if you have skills and talent then you can make money everywhere and anywhere and any corner in the world also you can earn money even online or offline so it doesn’t matter you are college students or newbies but just focus on developing your skills and talent if you want to be self-dependent.

Let’s come to the point I know why you are reading this post I know your intention behind this; you are looking for money making platform on the internet with less effort and with payment surety. Here all the possible platforms where you can make money online I have explained in this post.

The Main Things I want to say Just be patience and don’t in a hurry or just don’t skip or scroll this article I worked hard to gather all the resources and the information and also invested lots of time to write this long article.

With this post, my Purely purpose to help you in making money online and I hope you will read this full ultimate guide describing how college students can make money from online jobs without investment

Point to be Noted: There is no easy money anywhere either online or offline. The internet making money online is not easy at all as you are thinking and also many people and some sites promises that,

“you can earn money from home, no skills required and you can do it anytime just comfort at your home something like blah blah…”

then believe me those words are just pure shit and completely nonsense! And artificially created to cheat people means lazy people who are always finding to shortcut to make money everyplace!

Online Jobs For College Students From Home Without Investment

Use your common sense you can’t make money quickly offline ways or in offline world or any traditional business then why are you assume to earn money online is easy.

It doesn’t mean you can’t make, but it will take time, and you have to develop your skills and understand how the internet works how people are earning, but this is not one day game.

Just be patience and learn the things and become the expert and start making and one word I would like to tell you; if you can believe in yourself, anything is possible just simply saying and sharing my thought.

Here in this article, I am going to explain some actual and traditional legitimate online part time jobs for college students also for teens, which are most trusted and also high paying online for college students from home without investment in 2016 which will teach you how to earn cash online.

These are most suitable for college students who want to make some extra cash in spare time by working some online task doing this job students can earn some real money online in their comfort zone.

For this, just some basic internet skills required and also this is a most trusted way to make money online from home for college students and proven a way for all you can check best legitimate way to make money online from home without investment for college students.

Part Time Online Jobs For College Student Without Investment From Home in Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Coimbatore, Ahmedabad, Pune And All Over India.

College students who are seriously looking for online jobs or who are interested in making money via online part time jobs then this article will be helpful and also be providing trusted and legit online work for students.

And step by step guide and different types of money making sites and technique explained here so read full post you will find this article very useful for Students teenagers high school students cause here are tested online jobs for students described and provided.

If you are a college student and looking for some genuine and trusted online part time jobs then here you will find different types of online jobs by which you can earn money online without paying any amount.

Also, we all know that internet users increasing dramatically, and also peoples are more interested in making money online in their spare time also students also interested to make some cash in their free time for those here is the perfect guide which will help you to earn money online for college students.

Online Jobs For College Students From Home Without Investment Before start any online jobs you should know and aware of online data entry scam and quick rich scheme there is a junk of sites which is offering fake opportunities and cheating peoples you may have faced this issue in the past.

But here we are going to provide some genuine and legitimate online jobs for college students where you can find and apply for legitimate online jobs for the student without registration fees.

So read and follow this post then you will understand about online jobs for college students, and also you will find there are lots of ways to earn money from the internet if you have skills and ideas there is more chance for earn money online.


There are lots of sites which are offering fake and useless offer to make money online, but, those are utterly pointless and time waster, however, there is some legit and trusted freelancing sites which are offered online jobs without any investment.

But peoples are not aware of this site and also some newbies may who don’t have much knowledge about it and seeking for some online money making opportunities then must read this post.

Legitimate and trusted online part time jobs for students and teenagers from home

List All the Online Jobs for College Students are As Listed Below

Online Paid Survey Jobs

Online Tutoring

Articles Writing


Online Typing Jobs

PTC Paid to Click Online Jobs

Ad Posting Jobs

Website Content Writer

Clixsense Easy online Jobs

Earn Money Online From YouTube

Virtual Assistant Jobs

Data Entry Online Jobs

Earn Money Online By Playing Games

Freelancer Photographer

Resume Writer Online

Transcriptionist Jobs


Themes/ Logo Designing Work

Sell Your Last Semester Books

Write Ebook

Online Coding Jobs

Powerpoint Presentation Designer

Sell Your Crafty Materials

Earn by Calligraphy

Sell Your Old Pictures


1: Genuine and Trusted Online Paid Survey Jobs

Online Paid Survey Sites where you can make money by finishing the survey task:

You may know about this online survey jobs because this is quite simple and also popular and easiest online jobs for the college student and for all people who have an internet connection and basic internet knowledge for those surveyed work is very easy, and anyone can do it.

Online Jobs for College Students from Home without Investment

And there are many survey sites by which you can earn money online by giving your opinion online. We have listed some genuine and trusted online paid survey sites, and you can sign up free, and you can make money register with your email id and join survey task.

After that finish the survey, you will be paid as payment term and conditions. There are the daily basis and some weekly basis survey work available. To start just sign up for genuine and legitimate paid online survey site list here.

2: Online Tutoring Jobs for College and High School Student

If you have some good skills in teaching and interested in earning money online for teaching students online by offering an online class.

And giving coaching online, if yes then you should try this tutoring work, check online site which is offering cash for it. Below you can find a list of the Top 5 sites where you can get paid to become an online tutor






3: Articles Writing Part-Time Jobs

If you are passionate about writing and having good English knowledge and if you can able to write articles and content on various topics on which you have good knowledge of education, health, jobs, parenting, science, technology, gadgets and much more. .
There is some article writing sites where you will be rewarded for writing article check some trusted article writing sites below.






4: Online Jobs for College Student -Freelancer

Top 6 online freelancing micro jobs site most genuine and trusted online jobs without any investment or any sign-up fees.

If you want to earn money online by completing the small task and get paid this types of jobs, mostly offering by various individual companies or persons through freelancing crowd sourcing sites.

Here are the top 6 freelancing sites where you can find genuine and trusted online work, and you can earn money. (Recommended For UK USA Canada Australia)

5: Genuine Online Typing Jobs from Home

If you want to earn money online by typing captcha entry from home without any sign of fees or investment, then here you can see online typing captcha entry work from home. To start online typing job requirements is fast typing speed 30Wpm and also good internet connection required.

You can get more details regarding this online typing job, and this is most trusted and genuine online typing jobs sites where you will get paid for solving captcha you can find more details regarding this online typing job from home without investment here.

6: Genuine PTC site list-PTC Paid to Click Online Jobs

PTC site means paid to click site where you can earn money by viewing ads on pets site, simply you have to sign up on PTC sites, and you have to click on ads and to surf for few second, and you will get paid for each advertisement clicked and viewed by you.

Also, nowadays many webmasters and advertiser advertise on PTC sites, and this is very cheap advertising and PTC sites also offer internet user to earn money from it, so I have collected genuine and trusted PTC Site list which is latest and updated check here 8 Genuine and trusted PTC site list.

7: Online Ad Posting Jobs for College Students

This ad posting work we are also providing officially also if you are serious to earn money via online ad posting jobs then you must check our services.

And if you can post ads on various classified sites with good speed, then we are looking urgently for people who can do ad posting jobs from home seriously and daily 25+ ads you must post on classified sites.

You can make money online by ad posting work on classified sites like quikr,olx and Gumtree or Craigslist and many more classified websites this is very easy and simple online jobs for students.

It is true we all are using classified websites to buy-sell domestic to all product and also there is a chance to earn money with classified websites by promoting products by posting and promoting ads on sites.

You will get paid for each and every successfully ads posted on websites there is a lot of classified sites, and you can earn some handsome amount with this work you can check this post for know more about online ad posting jobs without investment from home.

8) Jobs For College Student As a Website Content Writer (article writing task)
If you are better in English and able to write content, then we are offering content writing work you can earn 100inr and 1.60$ to 5$ per article, check post for freelance online content writing work and apply for that also most legitimate content writing work.

This one we can call freelance content or article writing task and it can be done in your spare time from home jobs for student see more details for online content writing work from home

9: Make Money through Clixsense Easy online Jobs:

This is one of the most online jobs and very easy according to my views and personal experience you can make some handsome money with clixsense and I have already earned 200$ with this site in just one month you can also earn money via clixsense.

There are several types of work available:

Paid survey work offer

Sign Up offer

Paid to click ads

Play game gets paid

Write article

Write review


Referral Income

And much more types of work available just sign up here for clixsense

10: Earn Money Online From YouTube Channel

Everyone knows about YouTube the YouTube world no one video sharing website which was created by three former PayPal employees in February 2005 later in November 2006; it was bought by Google for US$1. 65 billion and now its world three most popular site according to Alexa.

And you may wonder people are making millions of dollars from YouTube by uploading video tutorial some prank video giving reviews on movie related stuff, tech gadgets reviews like the mobile laptop and tablets and some cooking tips and much more any video you can create yourself and self-recorded which will help people.

Simply if you are good at making the useful video which will help people like comedy prank video some software tutorials, mobile or tech gadgets reviews some educational video teaching video and much more just make videos and upload it on YouTube.

After Upload applies for an Adsense account via YouTube and give proper titles for the video, you will receive views on your video, and you will earn via Google Adsense. One article will publish for more details of how to earn money online via YouTube.

Read here complete guide for how making money online via YouTube newbies guide

11: Online Virtual Assistant Jobs For College Students

Virtual Assisting jobs are like Online Secretarial work on the web, but the only main difference is you have to do all task online on the web like managing clients, scheduling appointments, arrange a meeting and sending mail operating and organizing events, managing emails and making phone calls and receiving phone calls.

Task like these you have to do multiple task same time on this virtual assistant jobs the main benefit of this work is you will free, and you can do this in your home no need to 9-to-5 jobs and office work required you can find and apply for virtual assistant jobs on these sites.





virtual assistants

12: Data Entry Online Jobs for College Students

If you are looking for some genuine and legitimate online data entry work which is offered globally then below some links given which is offering genuine data entry services worldwide you should check to get more details you have to send emails, and this site accepts only quality data entry operator.

So if you can maintain accuracy and can provide quality work, then you should try this.

Check below some sites given which offering online data entry work

Capital is typing


Virtual Bee

If you are interested in offline data entry jobs from home, you can check this link providing a guide for offline data entry jobs from home

13: Earn Money Online By Playing Games

Playing games online is a hobby for all of us, and if this passion gives us a chance to earn money online for free then it will be more joyful yes! We can make money online by playing online games there are some site sites which is offering the reward to play games online.

The game maker and developer of games want to test games by players to test, and they are offering cash for it, and also they are promoting their game with this online game sites check below some sites which are offering money to play games online.

World winner



bingo hall

paid gameplayer

paidgameplayer 2


14: Freelancer Photographer

Now a modern age we can see everywhere and in everyone’s hand with a smartphone with a great camera! And people nowadays fond of taking pics and selfie anywhere.

Wherever and whenever I see in the shop, mall, natural or historical place people always taking photos so if sounds good if this our passion turn into a business and offer us to making money opportunities than you would like to know more about it.

If you are fond of photography, and you have a passion for becoming a photographer or making some extra cash with your smartphone or camera, then there are some sites on which you can earn money by uploading your captured pics.

For this, you have to create accounts and upload photos on sites, and you will pay for when people buy your pictures and download your pics.

Below we list the top 10 sites which offer to earn money online for college students from photos

15: Become Resume Writer Online

If you have some extra skills to create a resume for the peoples who are looking for a job, then you can help them to make the better resume.

And also when students finish their education and always looking for professional resume cause resume plays an important role when you apply for any job in any field.

Some trusted online resume writing and earning for it sites available online by which you can earn money for creating a resume

away online

writer by

resume edge

16: Transcriptionist Jobs From Home no Experience

This is quite easy and good paying online jobs for college students cause in this you have just to listen audio and type what you hear, and this can be done in your free and flexible time.

But remember for this you have to work carefully, and also you have to pay enough attention for this job it requires lots of care and also will have some repetitive keywords this one is good, and I like it personally, but for this, you must have skills.

You can earn 15 $, 20$ to 25$ per hour for this job even you can earn more if you have some extraordinary skills of the medical or legal area. You can register following site for this work




17: Online jobs for Student In their Spare Time As A Social-Media-Manager

Most of people who use internet and almost everyone active on social media like Facebook gogole+ Twitter and many more social platforms .

And spending time with fun and also connecting with a friend and colleague, family member and it is also possible nowadays you can also use this platform to earn some money via become a social media manager.

Social Media Manage role is handling and marketing through social media as we all know all celebrity actor and even politicians and some known and famous person and mnc company even small business use internet, and social media to promote their product business and their personal life and activities.

For such kinds of the task, they hire and required people to manage this all sorts of activity. For this work, you don’t need more technical knowledge just basic knowledge of social media like facebook and twitter enough if you are searching for social media manager jobs online you can find here LinkedIn.

Indeed, work and many more sites and you can also check privately from opening for social media vacancy often.

18. Themes/ Logo Designing Work:

Themes and logos are the primary requirement for any site to give a top-notch effect. This is how the sites skeleton (framework) is build up to bring the site in an active form and make an alluring form by giving a fetching output.

All sites require themes and graphic designs, so if you are good at designing and making putting some innovative ideas in designing; you can walk on the options of making the site designs and logos.

You can make your site and sell them. Your themes can be bought by people through the stores and your sites too.

You need to sharp up your skills in web designing, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Photoshop which will surely bring you up to make a real income by designing themes and logos.

Income that is dependent on what efforts you have done to make the design more attractive. On one theme when you sell, you can earn up to $10-100. So if you sell as much number of themes, you can make thousands of dollars through it.

19: Sell Your Last Semester Books

There are lots of ways to you if you are college students to earn money one of them is that you can sell your last semester book online.

Which is more useful for you and there is some sites available online where you can list your books and buyer will buy it, and you can earn money online this is also unique and comfortable ways to earn money.

Also with the help of money which you will receive from last semester books, you can use it to but your current semester book.

A semester might be to an end now, and you are worried about, what to do with the books of the semester. So I have brought some good ideas to get rid of this problem.

You don’t need to make the bookshelf messy and full of books, sell those books and get extra money on it. Some conditions of books are needed to sell them. Keep the books caring from wear and tear and use the covers for books so you can keep them safe. Painter’s tape is an option to save the book to wear and tear through ends.

Amazon and eBay are the most popular sites for selling, but you have to wait for the time when the buyers buy it. So I have brought up some sites in which you can get cash quickly and don’t have to wait.

Some Online Books Selling Sites to make money from home:

Book Scouter is the site where you have to enter the ISBN of the book, and the site searches different buyers for you who can pay you highest.

Cash4Books, the site of selling the books where the crew of this site buys the book from you if it is in demand and the willingness of the buyers. Send the ISBN number of the book to the website. The site will offer you some price if you are agreed with the price you can accept it.

A prepaid shipping label is sent to you so that you can ship those books to them. You will receive the payment through PayPal or cheque if the book is approved.

Powell’s books are quite similar to Cash4books site where the site buys the books as per the demand and condition of the book. Submit the ISBN number of the books if the site has accepted it.

You can receive good and extra payment in dollars if the condition of the book is better.

Sellback Books makes your work easy for selling the books without waiting for the buyer to bid on. They buy the books from you and pay accordingly on it.

The process is similar to the site mentioned above, just enter the ISBN number and observe what price do they offer? If you think it is reasonable to you, you may accept the offer. Shipping address will be sent you by them on which you have to carry those books.

You will receive the payment by bank account which will be deposited soon as they get the books.

Amazon which is the most leading marketing company though pays less on a book when it is kept for selling. If the condition of the book is maintained, you can get some amount.

All over you don’t get much as per the expectation. Instead, you can earn with other sites without waiting for the books to sell and get payment.

Few other sites which you can go through are



CKY Books,






20: Earn Money Online by Writing for Ebook

Write Ebook and earn money, Writing an eBook is an extra skill of person which you can bring up to the peoples in different languages. If it is nonfiction based, people are more willing to take an interest, because they want the answer to their questions.

It is an easy way rather than trying for an old traditional way of writing books. The reason behind writing eBooks will lessen your publishing cost of books, no shipping costs, revenue splitting is minimal, the promotional cost is free.
What key points should be kept while writing eBooks?

First of all, prepare a layout of the topic on which you are going to write the eBook. Choose such kind of topic which is knowledgeable, informative and can bring a great profit to you. Also, check out what is the trending topic in the market and go on to write eBook.

Secondly that matters for the good eBook feedback, you need to write the informative and organized content. Don’t mess up and make tidy writing the unneeded content to increase the length of eBook.

Length does not bother more, if you write 100pages eBook with useful information and uniqueness, then it is great, and if you provide the required content in five pages that is even better too.

Make an eye-catching title which can be the topic or content more fruitful, and the reader will be more interested in your eBook. Prepare such a kind of title that is creative and users can create a willingness to know about the topic.

Focus on the unique content which you are imparting it to the readers by writing eBook with full information and innovation.

Refer the other contents if you are focusing on any instructional topic, because they might be out-dated, inaccurate or irrelevant and you can have the chance for adding with accuracy and relevance and of course the easy to understand way.

The other categories that are kept while writing an eBook are formatting, editing, cover design.

21: Online Coding Jobs for It Students

To make the career as a coder is the good option for the one who can play with alphabets and numbers to bring an attractive and pleasing design.

Using Hypertext Markup Language which is also said as HTML, the coder can develop the website, maintain it and update as per the requirement and updates of new developments.

Webmasters are the head person of coder who guides and supports for designing of the team of any organization, schools or business with the use of the internet.

For the job or work you don’t need higher coder’s specialization, a person with bachelor’s degree in Java, HTML, Photoshop, CSS and other software systems can also earn very good income. Though there are some web coders, who are updating themselves by joining and attending classes and seminars for new developments in the field as per HTML coder’s guild.

So keep on making use of your good skill in the developing website by using coding work. Be prepared to work with concentration and with full focus over the coding with self-motivation to work for long hours and keeping your eyes on the computer screen. If you work as per this way, you will definitely get a good output of your coding, and a perfect creative website will be prepared.

22: Become PowerPoint Presentation Designer And Earn Bucks

If you have some good skills and knowledge of MS Powerpoint Powerpoint and know how to prepare design effectively, then this can give you some extra earning or simple we can say you can make money just for having prepared a presentation.

There are some company, universities, and organization who are looking for presentation for the seminar or to prepare project and they need the presentation for this.

There is good paying project available on freelancer and guru and many freelancing sites you can go for it. Remember you must have some extra skills and need to be expert cause there is some professional and expert designer already, who bid on the same project but you can overcome them you have to come up with unique and innovative ideas.

23. Sell Your Crafty Materials:

Being a college student doesn’t mean you can’t earn. You can make finely for some extra bucks in your spare time and gather money by your other skills. So here in this Para, I have tried to give an idea to become crafty and earn.

If you are handy at knitting a scarf, making jewelry or making pictures; then is the option for you to creep on. You might have used Etsy which is an online market for the homemade stuff.

For online selling of any product, you need extreme clarity photographs that are eye catching for the customers. When you are fixing any price of a product, you need to decide after all the spending of time and money on each product. So decide the pricing of any stuff after some considerations.

Stick to the vision you have decided and build a brand accordingly.  Know the strategy of the market and target for selling your product. Learn and understand SEO because it is the must for any online business.

Enhance Etsy relevancy.

Increase customers and visitors by social media marketing. Build back links and move on by generating guest posting. The average income of an Etsy seller is about $3000- $3500 per year. In the end, it depends on the working hours, the unique product and demand of some stuff.

24. Earn by Calligraphy:

Calligraphy is also an art in which the words and handwriting are played by some curves and decorations. It is the game of mind and innovative ideas that are natural with your own hobbies.

There is no need of any kind of degree and higher studies so you can opt the option while you are pursuing your college studies. If you are good at this all work, you can earn pretty enough by it.

Use different pens, pencils, colors and show the reflection that is in your mind on the paper. Your art will be appreciated if it is attractive and completed by accuracy. Make excellent combinations of different writing art ideas and earn some money, instead of wasting time.

Get involved with any firm that helps you to bring the art which is the hidden in. Write over invitation cards, letter writing or wedding cards and earn up to $1-$5 for each writing cards. It is quite unpredictable because there is much variation in work and location too.

25. Sell Your Old Pictures:

As I am photoholic and selfie cholic, I click so many photos and capture the scenes in it. This is the generation of capturing snaps because all are busy in making the memories.

So the people like me have a great option to earn money and make those snaps worthy. Your PC/ lappy might be full of photos and videos etc. So it’s time to make a satisfying use of those pictures by selling them to the sites that are in search of those unique snaps.

iStock Photo, SmugMug, Flickr Collection, Photoshelter, and Shutterstock are the sites that deal for selling photos.  Earn commission or some percentage of profit on selling photos with these sites. Each site offers you differently and pays according to their terms.

You can get this types of the task at Fiverr, freelancer, guru and odesk. It is mostly required in business and financial presentation.

26. Genealogist:

Performing the task of genealogy is accomplished by patience and frame up the layout. The special research depleted to establish the specific identity of any individuals or family is under genealogist work.

For the source of information, genealogist uses vital, tax, legal, cemetery, military and property records along with personal papers, magazines. They complete their research charts, family group sheets, reports, includes copies document and approach for further studies.

There are requirement and demand of genealogist in government agencies, genealogy libraries, historical societies, genealogy consulting firms and online database companies. You can become a freelance genealogist and earn by your own way.

Qualification for the genealogist is not hooked, just a formal certification of the genealogist is required, and work experience for testing or evaluating certificate is needed.

Hope we have tried our best to provide resources to help job seekers who are finding part time online jobs for the college student and good jobs from home without investment for a college student without investment.

Still, if you have any problem you can ask us below via a comment, I will try my best to answer your query.
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