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Genuine PTC Sites: Legitimate and Best Highest Paying PTC Paid-to-Click Web Site List Latest

Nowadays junk of PTC sites are viral in the major area on the web, and you might have also faced and come across many of them. Many websites offer you some bucks for watching their advertisements.

First of all, PTC stands for paid to click sites which give us money to see ads.

Everyone says you can make money with them or their sites but in the vast majority of money offering sites or the one which offers to make you earning guys are often the scam and wastes people’s time and PTC sites. As per my experience, they are the total scam and cheat people in the wide area.

I have tried many PTC sites but after some hard work some sites wasted my time and many times payment is still pending since 7 years! And some sites paid me the little amount, but I got paid.

It is true you can’t make more money with it though you can get some impressive number if you can follow some strategy and get some referral.

So after long research, I have written this post to make you aware of PTC sites and some legit and paying PTC sites that I have listed below.

Are you looking to make some extra money through PTC sites, then here is the perfect post for you. Here in this article, I have explained step by step guide for making money via online paid to click (PTC) sites.

And also I have listed trusted and legit PTC sites list which is latest legitimate and popular newly updated paid to click website list for earning through paid to click ads on the PTC internet site.

Here in this article, you will be able to see some legitimate and best-paying PTC websites by which you can earn 5$ to 50$ per day, which actually pays. You can see top paying list of the best PTC sites.

I have collected top honest and scam free best paying trusted PTC website list and box site list which is updated recently and based on user rating that list exist here.

Usually, PTC site Means get paid per click. In which you have to sign up on PTC websites with your e-mail address, and you have to click along with surfing ads on the PTC sites that are on a daily basis.

This is very straightforward and easy task to make money online jobs without investment, and if you can work less than one hour daily on some PTC sites, then you can easily earn 15,000 to 20,000 depending on your work via PTC online jobs.

Trusted Best PTC (Paid to Click) Web Sites ListRemember you can’t reach overnight with this, but definitely, you can make some handsome money with some tips and tricks. Here in this article, I am going to reveal some strategy and tips to make money via through PTC and Bux sites.        

I have personal experience with PTC sites and also some bad experience because there are some pros and cons of a tech site:

Pros of PTC Websites:

There is the easy sign-up procedure and even very simple work to perform. Just click on ads and wait for some time as per counter given on the sites. No more technical knowledge required, just basic internet knowledge is enough to start up.

Easy and instant payment Via PayPal, pizza., or Alertpay also bank wire transfer

Daily basic payment

Same work method no more changes!

More chances to get referral income

Work any time of day and just a few minutes of work daily

Genuine And Trusted Best PTC (Paid to Click) Web Sites List

Cons of PTC Sites:

Some sites pay very low payout per click

Difficult to identify PTC sites legit or a scam

Junk of PTC sites which is scam and a time waster

Some PTC sites set very High minimum payout threshold.

I have experience of PTC site work since 2010, and also I was scammed by some of the tech sites, but though I made some amount around 1100$ in 3 months by giving lots of time. Still, I have not received payment. Later I came to know that site was the just scam. Also, you can try student online work online work.

However, there is some genuine, legit and scam free PTC sites from which I got payment many times. Thus I have collected List of Free Genuine and Trusted PTC site list which actually pays via PayPal instantly. You can find all PTC site list below.

Below are listing Top High Paying Best PTC Websites:

1: Clixsense: Clixsense is called one of the most trusted and legitimate website that pays you for surfing ads. If you work genuinely on this site, you can easily make 100$ to 200$, and there is ease of very fast payout on clixsense.

As per clixsense the minimum balance to cash out is $6 for Premium members and $8 for Standard members. That is eligible for PayPal & Paytoo users.

Which Types of works available on Clixsense?

There are several types of tasks available on clixsense like:

-Get paid via clicking ads and surfing

-Get paid via completing survey

-Get paid via completing tasks & different offers.

-Get paid via playing games and clixsense research.

What is Payment method on Clixsense? How will you get paid?

As per the official update, they are paying via PayPal, Pay Too, and Payza. They also offer check payment method, but I recommend you to go with PayPal payment method to get payment from clixsense.

Clixsense pay users can earn on Mondays and Fridays at or before 5:00 PM EST as per clixsense officially declares. And also there is a premium membership available on Clicxsense. There is some benefit for a premium membership.

You can get higher downline earning the commission. They charge 17$ yearly and 30$ for two years.

2 Swagbucks

According to Wikipedia is an El Segundo, Californian based online rewards destination by Prodege LLC. It enables users to earn points by performing a variety of online activities.”

Swagbucks provides great offers to make money online from home. There are various kinds of task available on the internet which will give you the best way, and you can use your skills. Use your talents and skills effectively to earn money via freelancing job survey work or get paid to click on ads.

3: Neobux: This is popular site even helping the users for working part time earning and paying user since April 2008. You can get paid 0.002$ per click, and minimum payout is 2$, and instantly you can withdraw the payment.

And also you can get paid via PayPal, Payza. However, there is the very low amount of click, though you can make more money via referring another member.

4: Gptplanet: GPTPlanet is also one of the trusted and well-paying PTC program which pays users for surfing ads. Here you can earn 0.005$ to 0.01$ per click, this site also provides payment to complete offers and offers to sign up on the different site and get paid.

This site has been running since 2010 and also pays via PayPal. The minimum payout limit is 1$, and you can get 10$ for referral income.

5: BuxP: This is also one of the PTC sites offers paid to click advertising service and it also allows people to advertise their sites or product via paid to click services. Advertisers can advertise on this site on cheap rate.

When an advertiser advertises Ads On this site, then the PTC member can also earn money by viewing sponsor ads. The pay-out is described as per official website says. There is a membership level of this site and also earning depends on a member. Go through the details that are mention below:

Standard Members Can Earn As per following

10 Second Ads: $0.001

30 Second Ads: $0.005

45 Second Ads: $0.006

Video Ads: $0.001

Standard Video Offer Ads: $0.004

Premium Video Offer Ads: $0.005

Premium Members Can Earn As per following

10 Second Ads: $0.002

30 Second Ads: $0.01

45 Second Ads: $0.011

Video Ads: $0.002

Video Offer Ads: $0.008

Premium Video Offer Ads: $0.01

Standard Members Referral Income

10 Second Ads: $0.0005

30 Second Ads: $0.002

45 Second Ads: $0.003

Premium Members Referral Income

10 Second Ads: $0.001

30 Second Ads: $0.004

45 Second Ads: $0.006

7.5% Commission from sales made via your referral link.

Payment Method for Standard Members

The minimum cash out is at least $6.99 accumulated to PayPal. The first payment request is paid in NET30 days, and as of your 2nd payment request, you will get paid INSTANTLY.

Payment method Premium Members

The minimum cash out is at least $6.99 accumulated to Payza and PayPal. The first payment request is paid in NET3 days, and as of your 2nd payment request, you will get paid INSTANTLY.

List of Paid to Click Sites Trusted, legit, elite and best PTC Sites

6: Paidtoclick: This is one of my favorite Indian PTC sites which is 100% genuine and most trusted. You can believe this paid site because I have personal experience with this site. I have accounts on this site since 2010 and also got payment many times.

If you are from India and looking for genuine and trusted PTC site, then this is a perfect pitch site for Indian users.

On this site, you can also get paid via:

Get paid for surfing ads

Get paid to read email

Get paid to sign up offers

Get paid Promote paid to click site

You can get paid Via PayPal, Alertpay, and minimum payout is 0.01$ for PayPal similarly for Alertpay 1$. You can get paid instantly, and also you can request payment anytime after cross minimum payout.

You can refer unlimited member in this paid sites. Also, you will get paid 0.01$ to 5$ for each ad and website you visited by clicking on ads. You can earn 50% referral income as per site officially mentions.

7: WordLinx

You can earn money here by clicking on adverts. This PTC site has been online since 2003 and running successfully. You can make money on this site by watching ads, completing tasks and many more works available.

You can withdraw money when you reach $10 that is minimum withdraw limit and payment method is PayPal and peace.

8: Cash NHits

This site was found in 2006, and currently, there are more than 500000+ active members registered on this patch site. There are lots of ways to earn money from this site such as:

Clicking On Ads

Auto Surfing

Like Facebook Pages

Watching Videos

Complete offers

Traffic Exchange

Promoting Links

Clicking Email Ads

$0.60 is the minimum Payout Limit, and you will get paid via PayPal or pizza.

If you want to make money genuinely with these paid sites, then try to work with all sites on a daily basis and look at the ads on all sites at same time. Thus your time will be saved and hence you will earn more at the same time.

If you login on five different port sites, then open earning area and click on view ads, then click paid to surf ads and you can work with the different tab in the same browser, this is smart and time-saving tricks to make money via PTC sites.

Here we tried best from our end still if you have any question you can contact me or comment below.
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