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Are You Looking To Make Some Money Online From Home Via YouTube? Here Is The Easy And Step By Step Guide Which Will Teach You To How To Earn Money Online Via YouTube And You Will Learn How Much Money Can You Make On YouTube So Read Full Post And You Will Learn The Ways To Make Money From YouTube From Your Home.

First Know Little About YouTube According To Wikipedia, YouTube Is A Video-Sharing Website Headquartered In San Bruno, California, United States And This Site Was Created By Three Former PayPal Employees.In February 2005 Later It Was Bought By Google For US$1.65 Billion And Now Owned By Good And One Of The Most Visited Popular Website In The World According To Alexa.

As a YouTube beginner, some years back I couldn’t find any precise guide on this topic. So I just want to share basic, simple information and ideas to the beginners who want to make money on YouTube what I have learnt in these years.

Make Money on YouTube

Once someone enters the internet world, they start to see many ways for them to earn money online.

There are at least a dozen ways to make money online. These include how to make money blogging, affiliate marketing, eBook revenues, freelancing with sites like Upwork or oDesk, earning from AdSense, and so on.

But if we were to choose the best 2 options to make money online, blogging is usually number one, followed closely by monetizing YouTube videos.

Not only for the beginners but to anybody who wishes to improve their YouTube channel.

So if you want to try your own YouTube channel and if you are a beginner this guide is for you also.
earn money online youtube from home

Google Makes Money From Youtube Videos Views From The Advertisement You Can See In Videos Some Are Skippable And Some Are Not And Partner Earn % From Advertisement Via Google Adsense Account So Here In This Article Learn Detailed Guide For How You Can Earn Money Online Via Youtube From Youtube Partner Program.

Sometimes You Can Also Earn Money Through Brand Sponsorship And Offer Paid Channel Subscriptions And Selling Merchandise If Your Channel Become More Popular, Most People Are Using Youtube For Watching Videos Or Upload Their Self Recorded Video And Watching Live Webinar.

You can start any kinds of video channel for example if you have more interest in gardening and indoor plants then you can also give guidance online with your youtube channel.

And Also For Watching Movies And Entertainment Purpose And People Also Use It For Gain Knowledge For Their Desired Subject And Watch Reviews Of Car, Bike, Laptop & Mobiles Tech Gadgets Its Reviews And Specification People Often See On Youtube Before Buy Any Product.

So We Can Say Youtube Is One Of The freest And Legitimate Source For Know About Everything Around The World.So Here In This Post You Are Going To Read Step By Step Guide For How To Earn Money Online From Youtube Just By Creating And Uploading Video On Youtube On Youtube Via Monetize Video By Google Adsense

                                                 make cash from youtube online from home

Here Is Easy Steps Given Follow All Steps To Start Earning Money From YouTube.

Set Up YouTube Channel First -Requirement For It -Channel Creation And Monetization Guide Given Below Read It Properly To Start YouTube Channel You Need One Google Account And You Need To Create Your Channel First to Upload Video.Also look legitimate online jobs for students


Sign On YouTube After The Click On The Upload Button You Will Ask For Channel Name Enter Name Of Your Channel As You Wish But Keep Relationships For Your Video Which You Will Have To Upload On It.Make Easy Name Of Your Channel Which Is Easy And To Remember For People And Make Channel Name Related To Your Content.

Click On The Upload Button On YouTube After You Have To Upload Video On It And Monetize It With Google Adsense.

To Monetize Video You Need A Google Adsense Account For This Click On This Page After Sign In.

Click On Monetization Option And Click Enable Button Some Text “Become A Partner Through Monetization By Displaying Ads On Your Videos. Will Be There.

After The Click On Monetization Button You Will Be Redirected To New Page And Select Three Option Their For Agree YouTube Partner Program Terms And Click On Accept Button.
After It Click On Ad Formats Select This Both Types Of Ads Option There “Overlay In-Video Ads”& “Skippable Video Ads” And Click On Monetize Button.

–>Select Video And Click On Monetize Button There.

–>Enter Proper Name, Address And Your Details To Create Adsense Account

 Learn How Do You Make Money On Youtube Newbies Guide

You Can Get More Details For How To Make Adsense Account Via YouTube Here Adsense, YouTube Support There Is Some People Who Are Living Full Time With YouTube And Making Millions Dollar Per Years Just For Uploading Videos On YouTube.You Can Check Here For More Details Oddee Now See The Possible Ways To Earn Money Online From YouTube From Home. There Is Simple Logic To Earn More Money From YouTube Is

More Views On Videos=More Subscriber=More Advertising=$$

earn money from home via youtube

Requirements How To Make Videos And Upload It On YouTube

Not Much Investment Required But You Need One Good Decent Camera Which Able To Take Good Quality Photos And Videos You Need Video Editing Software Like Camtasia And Many More You Can Find Top Video Editing Software List.Here On Mashable And Also sometimes, We Need Sound Recorder If We Want To Upload Videos With Voice When We Are Going To Create Some Tutorials Or Some Personal Advice.

1: Create Videos Of Newly Launched Mobile Smart-Phone, Laptop, Tablets And More Popular Gadgets -Become Tech Gadget Reviewer

You Can Become A Tech Reviewer By Giving Your Views And Opinion For Android Smart-Phones Window Mobiles Tablets, And Gadgets Reviews There Is Lots Of Vlogger Who Are Making Millions Of Money By Just For Uploading Videos On YouTube.

Related Smart-Phone Reviews And Saying About Its Features And Specification Unboxing Newly Smart-Phone Newly Launched Gadgets But Remember For This You Must Be Expert Men’s Gadgets Geek And Knowledge About It.

For This, You Have To Reviews Android Phone Make Videos On Phone Reviews, Specifications And Tell Its Pros, And Cons Recommend People About It There Is Some Vloggers In India, Who Are Making Handsome Money From Youtube They Are Doing Same.

Contact Your Friends And Peoples From Your Society People Who Are Buying New Models And Tell Ask Them To Get Reviews Of New Mobiles And Create Reviews Yourself Upload It On Youtube This Is The Trick To Create Videos At No Investment.

Cause You Can’t Buy All New Phone Models But You Can Manage Like This After You Get Some More Fans And Videos Views On Youtube You Will Become Popular On Youtube Also Whenever New Models Lunches Say Sales Manager To Free Reviews And Publicity On Youtube And Make Videos Of Newly Launched Gadgets

.          Learn How Do You Make Money On Youtube Newbies Guide

Best Information On How To Make Money On YouTube In Hindi And English Guide Also Check How To Make Money On YouTube Videos Upload By You And Learn Free How To Make Money On YouTube With Ads

Later When You become Popular, You Will Get Paid For Reviews Smartphone Because There Is Huge Competition Also In Smartphones, You Can See Some Vloggers Youtube Channel On YouTube Here Check 6 Channel On YouTube You Will Find More Ideas After.

Https://Www.Youtube.Com/User/PhoneArena (Most Popular
Https://Www.Youtube.Com/User/AndroidAuthority (Popular Android Channel)
Https://Www.Youtube.Com/User/IGyaan (Indian Geek Channel)
Https://Www.Youtube.Com/User/Geekyranjit (Indian Geek Channel)
Https://Www.Youtube.Com/User/Advicesmedia (Indian Geek Channel)

Check All Channels Given Above You Will Get More Ideas Regarding This.

Make Money On By Start Your Own Cooking Recipe YouTube Channel

This is the easiest way to earn money online by creating videos of cooking in the kitchen just like play in the kitchen for the peoples who passionate about cooking and enjoy preparing miles and testing and trying new ingredients.

Then there are the best ways to make money online by creating videos and make channels on youtube with Cook channel become vloggers and earn money from your cooking recipe videos learn the easy way how to make money on YouTube via starting your food channel.

You can check this article from tube filter in which Laura was making very handsome income from youtube for making cooking videos on youtube.

If you are passionate about cooking, then you should start YouTube cooking channel girls, and housewife can do this very easily also check some most modern food, a cooking channel on YouTube where you will get more idea about it.

Below is the top 11 most popular Food, Cooking Recipe Channel on YouTube

Laura in the Kitchen
Sorted Food – United Kingdom
Simple Cooking Channel – Australia
Brogue – Brazil
Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube – United Kingdom
My Cupcake Addiction – Australia
Nicko’s Kitchen – Australia
Cooking With Dog – Japan
Indian Restaurant Cooking -Indian
India Food Network – Indian
Manjula’s Kitchen – Indian

Here Above listed popular YouTube food, the cooking channel you can get more ideas from it.

3: Make Videos On Fashion And Beauty Become Beauty -Fashion Vlogger On YouTube

                  part time earn money from youtube

Everyone Want To Be Looked Beautiful And Handsome Especially Girls Want To Become More Beautiful And Smart So There Is A Scope Your Passion For Beauty And Make-Up Can Make You An Earning Girl! There Is Many YouTube Fashion Vlogger Girls Making Millions Of Dollar Per Years.

For Uploading Videos Of Beauty And Make Up Tips And Trick On YouTube So If You Are Interested In This Area, You Can Become A Vlogger, And Start Earning Money Online For More Details About This Here You Can See Some Popular Fashion And Beauty Vlogger YouTube Channel Listed Check Them And Get Inspired And Also Take Ideas From That.

Check Some Popular Fashion-Beauty And Makeup Channel On YouTube

1. Jaclyn Hill
2. Makeup Geek
4. Manny Mua
5. Kandee Johson
6. Shaaanxo
7. Andrea’s Choice
3. Nicole Guerriero
10.Rumela Dey
11 Kaushal Beauty

Above Listed Top 12 Fashion And Beauty Vloggers Channel On YouTube From Whee You Can Get Better Ideas For How To Become Fashion And Beauty Vlogger And Make Money Via YouTube.

Earn Money Online By Uploading Videos For Kids, About New Toys And Kid Stuff

I Saw There Is Some Most Popular Channel On Youtube Which Is Uploading Videos Of Some Toys Like Kinder Joy And Surprise Eggs Videos Which Youtube Video Views Is Just Amazing And Also Now A Days Children And Small Kids Are Much Crazy For Videos Like This And There Is Some Channel available.

look at some popular online jobs on the web

Which Is Also Unboxing Toys, Kinder Joys And Some Toys For Children They Just Introduce Toys Unboxing Ans Playing With It And Once You Will See This Types Of Video Count That’s Amazing Number Thus I Got Ideas We Can Also Create Videos Like This And If We Upload It On Youtube We Can Also Earn Good Amount From It.

You Can Check This Article Published On Dailymail Where You Can Find News About Woman, Who Makes $5million From YouTube Just By Uploading Toys And Kinder Videos For Kids And She Is Earning Lots Of From Youtube So We Can Even Also Make Money.
If You Want To Make Video Channel Which Will Get More Views From Small Kids To Children Then Below You Can See Some Popular Youtube Channel Link Check These Channel And Get Ideas From It, And Later You Can Start And Work On This Niche.


Below Listed Top 6 Best YouTube Channel For Kids And Children T Watch Best Videos On YouTube And You Can Get Better Ideas About Channel And How To Create Videos Like This.
Create Some Video Tutorials On Software, Games -Share Your Knowledge With Tutorials
Everyone Is Unique And May Be Expert In Something So If You Can Able To Make Tutorials On Any Software Or How To Play Any Games Better Than You Can Make And Upload Videos O YouTube.

You Can Also Make Tutorials On Photoshop, Ms Office Tutorials Nd Blogging Basic Internet Marketing And Make Videos Which Is Useful And Interesting Enough, Then You Can Also Get Views On Your Videos.

And Also Earn Money But Remember People Always Like Uniqueness Don’t Copy Or Still Someone’s Videos Or Someones Work Create Your Own Videos And Channel And Make It Good Enough And Useful For People.

You Can Check Some Channel Below Which Is Uploading Video Tutorials About Blogging, SEO Software, Internet Marketing, Web-Designing Web Hosting And Many More Tutorials

Https://Www.Youtube.Com/User/OnlineTeacher100 (SEO Photoshop Web Designing And Software)
Https://Www.Youtube.Com/User/Pstutorialsws (Photoshop Tutorials)
Https://Www.Youtube.Com/User/ETeeskiTutorials (Game Tutorials)

Also, You Can Make More Videos Tutorials On Various Niche And Software And Start Earning Money On YouTube.
Here Is 5 Ways You Read And Also Implement It To Earn Money Online Via YouTube And Also More Ways We Will Update This Article For How To Earn Money From YouTube From Ads. Thanks For Read It And Comment Below If You Have Any Question
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