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Pretending that you are looking for online ad posting jobs without investment which also called as online link posting jobs in classified websites from home; then you are at the right place, trusted online ad posting work from home from without any registration fees and related some guide.

online ad posting jobs without investment and without registration fees

Based on my personal experience and what is reality here I am going to explain you cause no one will teach you like you learn from your own experience. We know that experience is the best teacher.

If you are one who really needs to start work with ad posting jobs or looking for making money via ad posting work then this article especially for you. This is must read the guide and don’t go for any kinds of ad posting task or job blindly before reading this post cause I am sharing the dark truth and scam of ad posting jobs which will no one tell you!

Earn Money by Posting ads Without Investment

genuine Online Ad Posting Job from home

Whenever you need or looking for any online jobs like data entry, form filling or ad posting often people see classified online ads and in newspaper magazine also. Yes, there are lots of work from home based advertisement on the news we can see nowadays. I have also seen once and contacted the advertiser for ad posting jobs.

My personal Case study and Experience About Ad posting Jobs

When I was a newbie and looking for some part time jobs at that time I was also like you with no or little knowledge. The ad about ad posting jobs was given by “patel infosoft- ahmedabad” and this is a just example there are lots of like patel infosoft.

I called him and they said ” first you have o to come at Ahmadabad to understand our work and to know more about payment and blah blah. Finally, I went there at Ahmadabad they show me work demo and ad posting plan was like this explained below.

If you post 3000 ads in one month then you will pay 5 rs per ads
If you can post 5000 ads per month then you will get 7 rs per ads
At last, they said if you can finish target 5000+ ads in month then you will get paid 10rs per ads
You have to provide ads report in excel at end of the month
They said all ads must be live not expired …

Like all scammer they also charged me 3000 rs non – refundable amount for this ad posting work and my mistake was That, I trusted him blindly and paid 3000 rs to make money. Finally, they give me work I mean title and description and that we have to post in the classified website.

Where ad posted that we have to save in excel file I did same worked very very hard to achieve the target and finally, I finished 5000+ classified ads and at the end of the month, I submitted a report. And finally they told me you have not completed our minimum  3000 ads per moth blah blah reason they gave me and they rejected my ads.

I lost my registration amount 3000 at that time it was the big amount for me and like this, I wasted my money and time so sharing with you to aware of ad posting scam happening nowadays mostly.

There are lots of like me who got cheated and wasted their money simple you can also see their complaint here AT consmercomplaints.

Awesome Online Jobs Ad Posting Jobs Trusted

Here in all data entry work, you have to pay money to earn money ganta! Already we are poor so looking for making money and these kinds of fake guys taking our hard-earned money. If they really want to pay us for our work then why they are taking money from us.

I am sharing here my story and experience with you so this article will be little long. But You have to invest some time to get aware of scam and fraud happening nowadays mostly all online jobs or data entry jobs asking for registration fees which you have to avoid.

It is hard to find legitimate online ad posting jobs without any investment personally I didn’t see any trusted ad posting work and when you will google it about ad posting jobs then, you will find

Ad posting jobs promises (completely fake)
Without Investment job offer(also fake)
When you go to sign up There will be option to start job
High registration fees means high payout per ad post
Smart method to cheat people
I know you are little bored then now it’s time to take visual break see image below and rest sometime later read remains post!

Online Ad Posting Jobs Without Any Investment

In nutshell, I want to say Never pay single penny or rupees for any kinds of online jobs cause they are there to taking your money not to give you money for the work which you are looking for. 

I have paid and we are also offering ad posting jobs for limited member only and we are not taking any registration fees but not all the time ad posting work available you have to check availability

We are providing ad posting work to promote our websites and some marketing strategy so you can apply directly using sending us an email. 

Before sending mail for work read some FAQ below Given

More than our assumption people are using classified sites nowadays to buy or sell any things people use the classified site. We know the power of big classified sites like olx, quikr, craigslist or gumtree and much more. We can sell or buy anything in few minutes and may be in few second. Getting customers through it much easier than ago cause of internet users increasing dramatically day by day.


Use of classified sites are not limited we can also promote our business, product or services through it. There is a various section available on these classified sites where you can post your ads.

The main part is that there are lots of company and business who want to expand their business, product or services through the internet and classified sites are great platform for it and it is free to promote.

For promotion, we will get paid for post their ads but the main part is that from where you are getting ad posting work you have to ask them payment proof for their previous and current worker later you can start. Never go for any kinds of online work without asking any payment proof.

Google Online Ad Posting Jobs Without Any Investment

For marketing and promoting a new product, services or business on classified sites. This is most effective ways to promote business or websites via classified sites.

What is ad posting and how it works? You must have the desire to do seriously online ad posting jobs. Let me explain ad posting jobs:

Online Ad Posting Jobs Without Investment

How Online Ad Posting Jobs Works?

This is simple just you have to copy paste data (Titles and description) provided by us on different classified sites as you may have used old and quicker for various purposes to buy, sell or promote anything.

Thus you have to post ads on various classified sites and ad matter means titles and description we will provide and you will promote our business you when you want to start an online ad posting jobs without investment.

How many amounts paid for ad post?

According to rules, there are different payouts depending on the monthly and weekly duration. Suppose you have worked for a month you have possibilities to earn up to 10,000 to 12,000 INR.
Is there any minimum target for classified sites?

Most ad posting jobs or called as a copy paste jobs you may see its only pay for when you reach their minimum target level, but here we won’t give you any minimum target level.Just you have to save a list of ads on excel sheet and send to us we will check and see and pay you for all approved ads.

What is a payment method for online ad posting jobs?

We will pay you via online net banking and for outside countries via PayPal payment method. And no minimum payout we will be on a weekly basis after checking the reports.

The people who want to earn via online jobs from home without investment then this may be good opportunities if you have an interest in ad posting work.

Online Ad Posting Jobs

Are you Seriously interested in online ad posting jobs and online ad posting copy paste work without investment? Then please send us an email for online ad posting jobs without investment.

We will send you work and classified sites list for online ad posting work without investment ASAP.

You can also try clixsense to earn 200$ to 300$ easily I have already earned 200$ in a single month and very easy online jobs you can sign up here for clixsense.

Sign Up for online ad posting jobs without investment from home, And apply ad posting copy-paste jobs from home.

Note: nowadays I have seen lots of websites which are asking for registration fees to start online ad posting work, and you will see the different plan for ad posting work for example if you will sign up with.

2000 then you will earn 3 rs for 1 ad post, 3000 then you will earn 4r for 1 ad post and likely if you can start registration with 5000 rs then you will get 5 rs per ad post.

Although you can see this is pure scam some types of the website I was seen which is specially designed for taking registration fees and If I say never trust on a site which is asking for any types of registration fees.

Suppose, company or organization which actually want to pay you for your work will never ask you for any kinds of registration fees and the fake people who are taking registration fees, and they will give you the target for ad posting work which will never pay you.

And also they will reject your work with blah blah reason all this I am sharing based on my personal experience.

In short, words never pay any kinds of the amount or deposit even the single penny to earn money from online work all who are asking for registration they are pure cheater always remember this.

Hope you like this article on ad posting work if you have any question can comment below and share this post also with your friends.

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