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Make Money Online From Home Without Any Investment or Start up Amount

Are your day’s buzz killings without any work? And now are you willing to do Online Job Without Any Investment? So here in this article, you will find chief 20 ways out of the concern of online jobs.

Procuring a trustworthy job and with guidance is quite a difficult task, But In this article, I will give some best advice which will help you to get the work that depends on the skill and kind of interest.

So, just lean back and have a look at this option for jobs without investment which will be surely a handful amount initially, but then you can make a thousand of dollars through this work.

Ways To Earn Money Online Without Investment To Earn 50$ Per Hour

Top trusted and proven ways to Earn Money Online Without Investment In India From Home

Make Money Online Via Blogging/Web Blog:

What is blogging? This question might arise in your mind. In simple words blogging means to write a blog on a topic or to create a website of your interest/hobby/passion. This is the best option for Make Money Online for women who are housewives and interested in earning some extra cash. And have the interest to write up a blog. A blogger can start making from hundred dollars and reach up to thousands of dollars in a month.

online data entry jobs from home without investment

This work requires patience. You need to work slowly and earn through it. You have other options in the blogging such as; displaying ads on your blog or by selling affiliate products and even provide consultancy. This is how you can secure and make money in a stable manner.

Online Data Entry Jobs From Home:

Data entry jobs are easy to earn money. But perceiving a trustworthy company is the very tough task. You will find plenty of advertisements every day in newspapers and on the internet to provide you with a good amount of the data entry work. But very few trusted companies available.

Here are few data entry job options which are:


The internet is the best place where you can find online and offline data entry jobs. The data entry job choices are open data entry, image to text, Captcha entry, form filling, medical transcription, etc.

The important thing you should keep in mind is that never pay any money for registration.This site is an authenticated site which you can go through and pick the right one up.

Captcha Entry site:

What is Captcha? Captcha is the small images with randomly arranged letters which you have to retype in text format and you are paid for solving this captcha.

Earn Money Online Without Investment

I have experienced the fraud sites for this work in which they ask for registration fees. And after registrations, they do not reply you. So don’t ever try to go on those sites which make you fool and ask any registration fees.

If you are good at typing, then you should go ahead for this work. You can earn $100-$200 per month, which is quite enough handful amount.


Many peoples make money by doing data entry jobs with the help of Fiverr.
As per your skill, you can work as data entry operator and get up to $5.


One of the most popular and top freelance websites is Elance.

You can get work as a freelancer because many companies are in search of best and experienced freelancers for data entry work.

Up work:

There are thousands of freelancers working online and getting money through this data entry works. You need to and then add as many details you want to add to the profile.So that people will think and decide to work with you.

Micro Job sites:

You can earn money by working on some simple tasks which you can get easily on the internet. There are hundreds of small tasks like sharing a page, giving review or rating for a product or page, writing a short article, searching something on Google, creating a testimonial or many other simple & easy tasks.

You can earn up to 8000-10,000 per month from this work.

Earn From Mobile Work in Spare Time:

There are hundreds of apps you can install in your Android mobile (or even in your iPhone) & you can make good money from this. But I am showing you some of the best & high rated apps that can give you more earning in less work.


genuine home based work from home jobs at home without investment

Earn Money:

After installing “Earn Money App,” you will get many choices for earning through mobile. You can get paid by visiting a web page, clicking ads, watching videos, installing other apps, completing short surveys, etc.

This app is available in paid as well as free version. But you want to earn more you should prefer for the paid app. This will be more beneficial as per my analysis.

Mint Coins:

The another choice for earning money is from mint coins through Android mobiles. You can earn by playing free games, downloading an app, registering on other sites, watching a video ad, executing a small survey, etc.

One of the best parts of this app is fast earning than other apps. Making $5 to $10 takes a little time, but I hope you can do this. The minimum amount you can withdraw is $1 through PayPal.

You can even get paid by inviting your friends.

Cash Pirate:

It’s very easy to earn through the cash pirate app. Why? Because you can make money by downloading the apps, trying free products, watching videos & referring your friends.
After reaching up to 2500 coins and getting earned thereby, you can withdraw your earnings in your PayPal account.

Google Opinion Rewards:

Google Opinion Rewards do not pay any cash for your work. But they remunerate with Google Play Credits where you can compensate for Android apps, Google Music, Books, Magazines, and movies in the Play Store.

In this, you have to work by taking surveys and giving positive Or even negative feedback about the product to Google. Google then forward this opinion to the company for consumer experience.

Earn Talktime:

The name itself suggests the meaning that you can get free talk time, but you won’t get money for your work.

You can get free talk time on these below mentioned options: Installing another free mobile app
You can get Loan from ‘Earn Talktime’ in case you don’t have sufficient balance.

Earn by SignUp on a website
Discover, Premier offers
Extra discount, on shopping at any site
Answering polls & doing online surveys
Watching videos
Referring your friends

 ESPN Streak For The Cash:

This app is like a bonanza for you which can make you rich in an overnight.

You need to make a prediction in the key of interest for the matches that are on daily or weekly and even yearly basis and earn money through this. This work is by interest in different sports and games. You can earn $25,000-$50,000 monthly.


This app is especially for the users in countries like the USA. It is a different app, then the other apps like Google Opinion Rewards and Earn Talktime.

This app pays you cash rather than providing you with some credits. You have to answer few easy questions in a store which is an online work. You will be get paid by PayPal.


This work is similar to readable that is available for the people living in the USA and also Canada. You have to click and collect some best photos of various locations and sites, handing some pamphlets and brochures or you can become a mystery shopper.

This might make you feel awkward work. As you have to roam around everywhere. You can earn up to $10-$20.

Earn Money Free:

Making money free by working online is tough work. Because firstly it’s a tough task to find the genuine and legitimate site for work. But trust me in this article you will get the best job options to earn money free without any investment. For sure, you won’t find any scam sites over here in the article.

best job options to earn money free without any investment

You can earn through Amazon by Publishing your own Kindle books, Google Adsense, YouTube, Squidoo, Itunes app store, eBay, stock photo, eStay, Deviant Art, Amazon FBA, Examiner, Café Press, Teespring, GoDaddy, PayPal, etc.

Freelance Job from home/office in your spare time:

Are you expert at typing? Then here is the work which perfectly suits your this skill of writing. Freelancing can be explained as the work which you can do with your ability and kind of interest as and when a client requires. These sorts of work are temporary and based on your aptitude.

This work does not require full working hours. You can work as per your convenience. Just you need is the good business skills and writing interest.

Freelancing jobs include works like Articles writing online jobs, translate conversion, posting ads, download sites, make the website and web designs, complete survey as per required.

Get Paid To Share Videos:

Explore your skills according to the kind interest you have. If you are enthusiastic about singing, cooking, or some other extra fascinating activities, then you have a good platform to up bring your skill and the best thing is you can make money by uploading videos on YouTube.

If you might have noticed that before start-up of any videos there are some advertisements in which some ads can be skipped and some are not. In these video ads, Google Adsense pays few decided amount, and you can earn through this uploading stuff on YouTube. If you want to know more about how to make money from YouTube by uploading your own video see an article I have written a detailed guide for make money online YouTube newbies.

Online Home based Jobs Without Investment:

Don’t have much knowledge or other extra skills? No need to worry more. Because the home based jobs, don’t need full-time work and no other additional skills. You just need to know the basic computer operating work which you can do by your interest.

Here are the below mentioned easy works which you can do as per your convenience of time. These jobs can be full-time or even of a few hours.

The question in mind? What is MLM? In multi-level marketing, the person has to sell products to the public that is often done by word of mouth in other easy words; it can be said as unofficial or informal and to be done by the direct transaction.

In this business, distributors earn commissions not only for their own sales but also for the sales made by people they appoint. You will find the scam marketing also. So just search the legitimate work for commercialization.

If the marketing is based on the public sale, then it can be a legitimate multilevel marketing. If the money you make is based on the number of people you employ and your sales to them, then believe me that is not the legitimate.

For initializing the multi-level marketing following points should be kept in mind:
Examine the Products
Get more ideas from company
Assess the Plan

Online Jobs AT Home Without Investment

Are you a housewife or a student and wanted to work online?

Here at this point, you will get the idea to know the best legitimate online jobs which will give you the real income source.The basic requirement for this work is a PC/computer and an internet connection. This work is very easy because you can work according to your convenient hrs.

The working hours are not fixed. Depends on your suitable time and flexibility.

Data entry jobs, Blogging, Freelancing, Selling online. These are the best options which can be done by any person by staying at home or any other place in free time which can give you some handful extra income.

Online Paid Surveys Work From Home Without Investment:

Online survey jobs are the other option for working to earn online. In this work, you have to give your reviews about any product or services. So that there is a good effect of it, and they can show improvement if required.

You have to stay connected with the companies who are providing survey job. But the problem is finger counting companies are available which are legitimate and are providing you surveying jobs. Few sites that are legitimate which are mentioned here after many types of research.

Inbox Dollars, Star panel, iPanel Online India, Survey Head, Toluna India, India Speaks, Brand Institute, Permissible Reach, Planet Pulse, Survey Savvy, Spider Metrix, Global Test Market. These are some of the well trusted online survey jobs sites on which you can sign up for survey jobs.

Know more about survey site and trusted online paid survey site list available here.
Typing At Home Jobs Without Investment:

Online or offline, whatever the way you want to work. You can do it by perching at home or any other place where you can make few hours of work and earn the good income.

Online Captcha solving work is the best part of earning from home.

You can work as megatypers(Workforce Management Company that provides data entry services to private and government institution) and prototypers (converting scanned documents from images to text for establishments in all corners of the world) by online captcha solving. From this, you can earn up to $50-$100 and reach up to $250 which is a good amount you get by sitting at home and working as and when you required.

But keep in mind you won’t fall in a site which asks for registration fees. Most probably all those sites who do this kind of records are the scammers and faulted. So pick the right one which is genuine and legitimate sites and signs up with those companies.

Doesn’t this sound exciting? You don’t need any extra skills and no investment. A housewives, a student, anyone can do this kind of work depending on your convenient time. Check for more about online captcha entry typing jobs from home.

Video Game Testing Jobs:

I Love playing video games? Do you love playing games? Great!! These kinds of jobs are dependent on terms of interest. Now a day there is much crazier in children and elders too even, to play video games.

So here you will get ideas that playing a video game is not bad. You have a great chance to grab the work which is of your interest, and the best part is you can earn money through this.
Many companies hire the employees for video game testing. Video game testing jobs which are also called a quality assurance tester are much in need of which the bugs are fixed.

You need to pay full concentration and work for many hours continuously. What you have to do in this job is -play games in as many ways as possible,

-test different level and versions of games,

-check performance against what the designer intended,

-compare the games against the others n market,

-record problems suggest improvements,

-try to work out what’s causing problems,

-check game accessibility options, check for spelling mistakes,

-logos designs and similar types checking and testing,

-enter each bug report into quality management systems.

Coming to the next important point is how much you can earn by this work? This is the point for which you are working. Isn’t it? So I have an answer for your this question even. You can earn up to £20,000 yearly. This is a great option for video game lovers.

Affiliate Marketing Online Jobs:

Affiliate marketing is a kind of marketing in which the company adds their marketing advertisement in between the blog or website for promoting. You might have seen the advertisements of selling products through Flipkart, Amazon, eBay, etc. What is it? It is nothing but the affiliate marketing.

 Earn Money Online part time jobs at home

The blogger or the website creator gets paid by allowing the company to add their ads in it. You can get 4-10% of commission of the company.

In this affiliate marketing, there are even categories which are as follows:

Paid Per Click: The person gets paid if the reader/ user clicks the ad of the company.

Paid Per Sale: The blogger or the website creator is getting paid if the ads are being clicked, and the user buys the product or interested in the product.The payment is dependent on the agreement made between the company and the website owner or blogger.

Mystery Shopper:

What if I get the chance to become a mystery shopper? I would surely grab the opportunity to be a mystery shopper. But it should be legitimate. You might also have a question what it is? Here I have an answer to your question. Mystery shopping is online surveys jobs which are to be done without leaving your home and roaming anywhere.

Except you work for any restaurant or food or any other company. You are getting paid to eat, paid to shop, for all that you normally do in routine.

Keep in mind some points before joining as a mystery shopper. Like; do proper research where you are going to join, never wire money to any stranger, same as never agree to deposit cash to the unknown person.

Earn Real Money From SFI:

What is SFI? It’s referred as Strong Future International. Have you thought that why SFI is affluent and very easy to initiate?

SFI is created successfully by the Triple Clicks Online Store. Any citizen from different countries can apply for this work. In which, you have to become an affiliate SFI.

This work is based on merchandising the product of any company of which you can get 40-50% sales delegation. One more thing to be added in this is; you have to collect versa points.

On completion of your action, you can instantly get those points depending on the work up to 140-150points.

Some more key point you need to keep in mind is augmented your grossing by generating sales at triple clicks, maximize your income with subsidizing and duplication.

Buy-Sell Domain:

You can consider domain in the context of real estate, stocks or any commodity. This is the kind you need to find a scapegoat. Just the concept you need to get clear in your mind is that you have to sell the domain at higher rates than you had bought.

The real fun to sell is when the domain is really in need by any person. This is the right time when you can take the chance to sell the domain at higher prices. Similar to an auction of any product.

For example, you can get the domain at low price from domain registrar like GoDaddy and then sell those products to the needy person at the excessive price.

Earn From PTC Sites:

This sounds something interesting in which you don’t need any skill to work. You are getting paid for viewing and clicking ads. What else will you get easier than this? You need to click and view the ads for 10-35 seconds.

You must be wondering what PTC is? It means Paid To Click. That is what I have explained in the above paragraph. This PTC is for the concern to increase the traffic on the website.

Don’t get confused between Paid To Click and Pay Per click. Both the terms are different. I recommend going to the genuine and legitimate sites. Don’t fall for any fraud or fake sites. You can earn up to $100 and reach up to $500 which is quite enough for this easy work. Initially, you might feel that you are not getting paid genuinely. But trust me, you can earn a good amount through PTC sites.

I have written a detailed guide for PTC site list and how to make money from it.

Sell Your Stuff:

Nowadays online selling is a great business begun in this internet era. People are selling and buying through eCommerce sites like Amazon, Flipkart, myntra and so on.

Some prime needs you need to get before initiating selling. If you want to start selling, first of all, get the PayPal account. Which is one of the easy way to receive or pay money? If your product is dependent by any picture, then you need to take good images of the product. In short, you need to keep a clear and visible picture which is attractive and can be sold immediately.

Secondly, be honest for the product which you are going to sell. Suppose your product is used, or it is having some scratches or any other damage. You should describe all this problem so that you will get a positive feedback and reviews.

best online jobs from home without investment

The other some basic ideas you can think of yourself in the business. At last, one more thing to be added is that to give a good response to customer problems and questions.

Depending on your skill you can earn, and I feel the outcome is also good enough.

Sell Your Notes:

If you are a student, then this is one of the best options for earning to share the notes and earn. There are sites available on which you can share those notes with all and you can also add the amount or price on it. When any other student downloads your these notes, you can get paid for it.
There are different options like you can add PDF’s file or handmade material or else you can also upload the typed files. I think this is a good source of income by which they can earn extra money.

Building Application:

Android phones, phones these are the most trending smartphones, which is available to every next person in the world. There are more than a million applications for Android phones and even iPhones.

What if you can earn by building a request for those mobiles? There is no investment required for building up this application. First of all, you need to get planned. You have to submit some documents. Mostly sites may ask for fees for the application too.

I hope these job ideas had satisfied you for choosing the right one and soon you will think to bring it in action. And become a good earner acquiring an extra income.

Publish Kindle Books:

Make worthy use of your skill to earn money from home in your spare time. If your mind takes you in a dream world, you can reflect it in a paper. Whether it is any fairy-tale or something reliable, you can write it and bring up to the readers.

Understand what readers want to read, target the readers and write according to it, generate connections to promote and get feedbacks. This is what you need to think first before initiating writing Kindle.

By writing criteria add the standard fonts and page breaks etc. Get the application for writing or, you need some tools for writing Kindle. Formatting is the must for writing Kindle and for that you need the good knowledge of HTML. The work of formatting can be handled by yourself, or you can hire someone for it.

Upload your Kindle after finishing all the formatting and another process that is required. Upload it by two methods; Kindle direct publishing or don’t. OR Upload your eBook.

Use Your Body To Earn:

Suppose you think, getting the job is not as easy as it seems to be; then here is the way you can opt for the complex or challenging situations. Get paid for your body by tattooing on your body parts.

Imprinting temporary tattoos on your any part of the body brings an earning opportunity every time. Agree with the conditions, which the company has mentioned in the forms. Make tattoos on hands, thighs face, etc.

Pictures are clicked after making tattoo on a body, and these photos are advertised on social networking sites. Earn almost £70-80 per day for advertising via some companies. Different body parts make you earn distinctly according to the various pay rates.

Many people earn by getting permanent tattoos on their body. They have earned 
$7000-$10,000; you can also earn similarly. Even you can make by selling your hairs for wigs and get paid according to the length of hairs you give.

Before picking up this option for making, you should examine all criteria, so that you won’t face any problem in future.


TaskRabbit was initiated in 2008 and known by the name RunMyErand. In 2010 the company had to change its name to TaskRabbit. After that, the organization had speed up its budget work and expanded in different cities.

Moving or shifting from one place to another and transferring or carrying all loads is quite tedious work. Hence there comes a need of the person who can work for all those small tasks like taking some stuff, relocating goods or hauling.

TaskRabbit is the site where you can sign up for those above-mentioned work, or some other options are also available too. Sign up on the site, enter the kind of work you can do and start your activities.

Earn for the work like arranging furniture, fixing the pipes, home repairs, lifting some appliances and T-shirt folding, etc. You can gain hundreds to thousand dollars weekly for all these small deeds.

Other online jobs sites are also available which is similar to TaskRabbit. We Go Look, Postmates, Instacart, Door Dash, and Agent anything; are the sites that provide you work to earn.


Singing, dancing, are the hobbies of some person, and they have God gifted natural talents in them. Thus bring your inner talents out and earn few bucks through it. What is busking? Performing singing or dancing along the streets is considered as busking.

It is easy to find a beautiful place or the place where you feel, you can earn quickly. Get on the place, show up your talents and earn money every day. You can earn about £20-30 per hour and more than it can be gathered by showing your these extra skills.

 Market Research:

If you are good at collecting data or have the excellent knowledge of statistics and computer, then this is the option for you to choose and earn a good income by this work of market research. Get work from some research agencies, industrial or governmental research centers, commercial organizations, etc.

As the online markets have taken over in this era, there is the demand of analyzer who can collect data and work according to the needs. The work is probably dependent on statistics and computer.

At the initial time the market research can get £10-15k, and if you have good experience in this work, you can get the post of the senior researcher. The pay rate of the senior person is around £50k which is cool income that you can receive. In the end, it also depends on the area of work you continue.

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