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This job is the part of digital marketing job. Here email processing jobs review & legitimate email processing jobs without investment So many companies are promoting their business and services through sending an email. Nowadays many online companies are providing online email sending campaign as work and they will pay instead of that. Email sending jobs without investment and registration fees

genuine and legitimate email sending jobs without registration fee

There are two ways to work for email sending jobs. Either you can work through mobile phone neither computer or laptop. If you wish to work with the mobile phone then you must have an Android Phone so you can download the particular software and start working on it.

The email sending job is nowadays best chip and easy trick to promote business online. So many businesses have their own websites, they promote and maintain their business online.

The hardest part of this online business is they need to create traffic for good sales and benefits. Even it is also too important that sales leads are improved day by day. That is why email sending job is the best way of getting great business benefits from the online process.

Email reading jobs without investment

E-mail sending job daily payment without investment

Why are Companies hiring?

We all know there are numbers of ways, through wich anyone can promote their business or services. Hence the way of sending SMS for business promotion is cheap than other ways.

The mainstream of marketing is Advertisement and channels are too much expensive, because of the posters, exposed payment, Magazine advertisement pay and so on.

With the email advertising companies do not need to pay any bucks for advertising, poster charges, Marketing charges and all. Hence they invest money for email specialist software to automate, track and evaluate their emails.

How to Do this Job?

Through email sending job you should send bulk emails to a large number of people about a product or services. After that, if someone asks for a reply then you should communicate with your clients.

This job is popular based on home, through wich one can earn decent money by sitting their home. You can able to search many jobs available online for this, but make sure job wich you search are legitimate, else you lose your time and hard work.

The way of getting new clients is, you can advertise your email sending and processing jobs service through email. You are a virtual assistant with the prior experience in this work.
If still, you are not getting more clients then no need to worry, there are a huge number of ways from where you can get email sending and processing work.

One of the most popular ways is to applying on freelancer sites. You will get genuine and trusted work from them. Getting more benefits you should work as professional and need to spend some time for understanding details wich provided into emails.

There is some trusted freelancer sites wich are,,, and so on.

Email reading jobs without investment

Two types of email sending jobs are below:

1. Transactional email sending jobs:

In this part of work, we can say it’s a kind of group email sending or group of people who already subscribed to an email newsletter or anything. As an example, if people are registered for your website, you should probably welcome them with warm or lovely emails. That is also called transnational emails.

Transactional emails are system triggered emails sent to a user by a companies application or website based on user’s activity.

As an example if you have an Axis Bank account number, they used to send emails regarding details of your account regularly, that is called transactional emails. As in same way if people are activated some newsletter or education related service and so on, when they get details through them regularly it means its transactional emails. 

Email sending jobs without registration fee

We can say transactional emails become critical for application based businesses. A few days ago email marketing is completely focused on promotional emails like newsletters and offers.
Now transactional emails have been given a boost by the web and mobile applications that rely on email delivery notifications, updates, and subscriptions. That is the reason why companies are started accepting this method of email marketing. They are easily able to check their success through this.

How to start?

First, you need to gain some customers feedback by asking them to complete a quick NPSS ( net promoter score survey) or else answer any single question. A click of answer approach would work well, click here for yes or no.

When you have identified that your customers are happy then transactional emails give you a great opportunity to your satisfied customers to refer your company to their friends and you will earn rewards for it. This is a great approach.



You should allow your recipients to subscribe to your all business marketing emails with a link within transactional emails. If they are interested in your transactional message, then maybe they are interested in your other stuff. You can include extra inconspicuous icons to generate extra followers and likes on facebook, LinkedIn, twitter, and Google+.
It depends on persons or firm how they prefer transactional emails, some are using as triggered, automatic, personalized or even real-time. Whatever comforts you, go for that. The most important thing is to in organization or firm everyone is speaking the same language and getting the same meaning. The word Transactional can be rather betrayed to business and marketing types also.

There are many sources of transactional emails like email address confirmation, marketer approval, password reset, app error alerts, monthly invoices, thank you for some actions, typically hard-coded and controlled by It development teams, account balance updates, auto responder, support request and much more.

The benefits are as a real-time response to customers, personalized transactional, reward email withing second of user interactions and so on.

As a marketer if you don’t want to loose the opportunity for creating growth in your business then this is the unique way to get more clients.

2. Direct Emails marketing jobs:

Direct email is like sending a particular email to the particular person or more people. The email sending jobs providers permitted to send emails on business or service offers. Some important requirements are Email sending clients, Email ID database, and content for mail body and email subject.

This process of the job is a form of email-based campaigns in wich standalone advertisements are sent to a targeted list and recipients. The message format is may be based on HTML, rich media, text, web-based ads and so on. Direct email involves sending emails solely to communicate promotional messages like a newspaper or any special offers also.

Direct marketing includes a wide range of marketing materials, including brochures, catalogs, newsletters, postcards, sales letters and so on. Major corporates and firms know that direct mail marketing is effective and strong for advertising such products and services and helps to reach out the new and old clients.

The most likely benefit is, in another way you are not getting surety that who is getting your emails and who is not. Direct mail lets you communicate one-by-one with your targeted audiences.That allows you to control your emails and let you know how many people you reach. Take note of your conversation with whom you communicated most effectively, whether they come from large or small companies.

The DMA ( direct marketing association ) is a national trade organization for direct marketers. With any kind of direct mail, appropriately timed follow-up is key. The way of mailing through even phone and follow-ups are most effective.

Ask your recipients that they are receiving your service and products emails, if yes then it is time to pitch them about your product and services sell. If they do not get emails then mail them asap.

In this direct marketing job, you should understand some prior things to get success in this job. Like you need to target your ideal customer, mail creation way, Mailing list type, customers target understanding, marketing leads, consumer mailing list, Online leads and so on.

Some basic requirements:

* Internet Access: The first and foremost requirement is internet access. If you want to send emails you must have good speed internet connection because this is online work. If you do not have your own internet connection and own computer or laptop, no need to worry. You can easily work from a cyber cafe or cyber spot or any other place where you can access the internet.

* Email Account: You should have your own email account for sending your product and services details through email to other companies. You can create from any reliable email service providers like yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, etc.

* Paypal Account/ Bank Account: The most important requirement for email sending jobs is a bank account or else PayPal account. If you want your payment as the offline mode you can provide your details of complete address and postal code. After that, you will get a cheque of your payment and then you can submit it in your bank account and your balance will credit your account.

Job providers give you two options for working with email sending jobs:

1. who asks you for registration fees.

2 Who provides your jobs without registration fees.

Here I would like to give you such sites details wich provide you both kind of jobs.

Who asks you for registration fees: Below is some websites which provide you email sending jobs instead of registration fees. They have mobile phone support and email supports also for communication.

These websites are highly risky as they are not earning such money from Google ads or any other affiliate networks. But still, they are gaining hulk amount of registration fees and still not providing such benefits of their members.


Who provides your jobs without registration fees: Here I have searched some of the top results on email sending jobs without registration. The difference is they will never answer your calls and emails. You are not able to contact them because there are no any ways to contact them.
So you have to work there with visitor click, ads impression and from other affiliate networks. If you are searching some great email sending jobs websites then I have a list wich I have provided below which are legitimate.

As we have seen these both seem like dangerous, as one have legitimate sites and work but no source of communication and another have the source of communications but not google registered. So I have a different way for you to earn money through email sending jobs for that you need to have some details.

Affiliate Accounts
Email Id database of your city
A computer or laptop
Free Gmail account ( 3 or more than enough )

Your effort, time, good marketing skills and strategies, and lowest investment.

If you start working with email sending work provider companies websites then there are some important details for work wich mentioned below:

* You will get a list of email ids, subjects, text e-mail and an email sending software will be given by companies. You have to make copy-paste those content and send an email.

* Work is available in more than 250 countries. You can work anytime, anywhere.

* Payment will depend on job provided rules and regulations. Like, maybe it on the daily, weekly, monthly or hourly basis.

* You can earn around $1 to $5 per email. The basis on the firm.

* Guarantee of your payment depends on particular companies in wich you are working.

* Subjects and text of email will be provided by work provider, you just need to copy paste.

* No foundations and limits of sending emails per day, it depends on you how much you are able to send. It is simple though ” The more you send, The more you earn”. So get ready for working harder for money earning.

* Payment options are different, it is based on firms. Either they provide you through ECS, cheque, Paypal or Payza and so on.

Email sending jobs are possible through the computer as well as a phone.

If you want to work through mobile then you need to download company software wich they provide you during your membership registration first email for sending free emails.

You must have an android phone because the software which company will provide you is android based. Later you will be getting 2 email advertising content in your control panel each and every day, you need to send that to the list of email id which is given to you.

Now, as if you work on the computer still you need to install companies provided software for working online email sending job. You directly need to log into your account using your User Name and Password given by the job provider company.

You will be getting 2 different emails in which one is advertising related and second one is about content. You will get this emails daily basis. You need to send this email to on provided email addresses in your same account. This work is easy as time-saving so anyone can join this work who has little knowledge about internet and surfing.

Another way to start earning own through email processing work?

If you have activates affiliate accounts then now start looking in it. Find some great deals and put them into your wish list. Later you can take screenshots and copy description into the word document.

Later you can start sending 1500 email every day using your available email id database along with that word file. You must have to sure that the data you are sending is only formed your city.One more important note using Gmail you can able to send only 500 emails per day through one account. For that, you can use your 2 more Gmail accounts for the rich level of 1500 email sending.

Now you have to wait for some time and have to check that any reply is you getting from any customer with interest of the particular product. Some customers feel scared to become a victim of scams.

Simply ask them for their mobile number and contact them through a mobile number for confirming them that you are from the same city. After getting your order from any sites like amazon, shop clues whatever it is, you can courier them or else provide them simple doorstep delivery.

Few Trusted Sites for Email Sending Jobs:

As above I have provided some fake sites wich are doing scam instead of providing earning. So now as I have an option for you with some trusted sites wich I have mentioned below. Please find out here.

Trusted Sides for Email Sending Jobs


I hope Friends the provided details will help you to get a true email sending jobs without becoming a victim of any scam. still, I would like to say on whatever website you start working for online email sending jobs, make sure you will read all terms and conditions before starting. All the best for your work.

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