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Ethical Hacking Courses After 12th – Ethical hacking, its one of the most interesting and followed course in India. almost each and every student have heard this word and try to find what it means. Seeing someone in the movie, hacking through the firewall and system, really made us pursue this as a career. So what is the scope of Ethical hacking courses after 12th?
To learn about Ethical hacking, we must first understand what is it. some of the people have made it really popular in past but diving into a year long or more course is maybe waste of time if one doesn’t know anything about it.

What is Ethical Hacking?

The word ethical is related to moral principle, which means doing the right thing. If you don’t know about Ethical hacking than you might picture a person, wearinga hoodie and breaking into the system and stealing money and information. It’sactually quite opposite of it.

Ethical hackers are the thief who helps people not to get robbed. They know how to hack and know how to breach security and where are the loopholes are. Ethical hacking is studiedto exploit loopholes and help secure the servers and data.

Many big companies are always being attacked by hackers and to prevent that, they always need ethical hackers. They will also breach their securities, but only to find out where is the fault, from where hackers can get information and they close the loopholes. Every year, millions of data theft happened and companies are always looking for Ethical hackers to help them.
Even in the government sectors, Ethical hackers are one of the big partsof IT cell. Our information is saved in Addhar card and pan cards and all of this is saved in government server. If one hacker breached it, we can be in big trouble.

Basic skills requirement to become an EthicalHacker
Basic computer knowledge
Familiar with every OS like Windows, Linux and Mac OS
Interest in learning

How to Become an Ethical Hacker?

To become ethical Hacker, one needs to learn about everything related to computer and networking. It cannot be possible from a book or learning by yourself. You need to be trained by someone who has knowledge of it.

There are many Ethical hacking courses are available. There are many levels of this course as you need to learn from the beginning and know every aspect of it. to join an advanced course of Ethical hacking, you need a master degree or diploma in some of the field of computer and networking. But you can also start after 12th and join from the beginning.

To learn and become an EthicalHacker is just about the attitude to learn. You don’t need a degree to learn but you need the knowledge. If you have basic informationthen you can learn more about it. with the Ethical hacking course, you can learn and understand and become a professional ethical hacker, if you are dedicated towards it.

Ethical Hacking Courses in India

There is no specific degree or diploma in our education system which is offering Ethical hacking courses like Bsc and BCA. But there are other courses which are important as well, here is the list

Tech. Cyber Security and Forensic
Sc. in Networking and Security
Tech. IT & Cyber Security
Tech. CSE (Information Security)
Tech. Computer Science and Information Security
Tech. Information Security
Tech. Cyber Laws and Information Security
CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker) course
SSCP course
CISSP course
CISA course
CISM course
OSCP course
There are many private institutes that offera certificatecourse in Ethical hacking. There was a time when some people cheated thousands of student and make money out of it. so you need to be careful before applying to any institute. Ask their student and look at their track record of people getting a job. Look for what are they teaching and find out that is it relevant to the courses or not.

Career Prospects and Job Opportunities

One thing we learn from the beginning, even if its cool and we can learn a lot, did it pay? Can we get a job from it? parents are always skeptical when their children waste money on a course which will never help them in future. But with Ethical hacking, there are many opportunities available and now more than ever. Ethical hacking is not a course which can ever go out of a job or hit with the recession as India is becoming next digital hub, we need more ethical hacker more than ever.

Who can hire an Ethical Hacker?

IT firms, which have lots of computer and many people working for them
The government of India is one of the biggest recruiters of good ethical hacker and their salary is also good enough.

MNC companies like reliance or Vodafone will hire an Ethical hacker, as they have many trade secrets and they are getting hacked most of the time.

An e-commerce websiteis one of the most valuablesources. They get hacked all the time because they have credit card information. They are always looking for a good ethical hackers

What are the roles of an EthicalHacker?

IT Security Specialist
Network Security Specialist
Security Administrator
IT Security Consultant
Ethical Hacker
Penetration Tester
Site Administrator
IT Auditor
Computer Forensics Analyst

You can also open your own Ethical hacking firm and help other company with their security or work as a freelancer and work on part-time. There are tons of opportunity available in this field and it will always stay in the market.

We hope this article would help you understand more about Ethical hackings and Ethical hacking courses and job opportunity, if you have any questions, do let us know in the comments.

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